The Greatest Guide To क्या हमारे देवता व पूर्वज एलियंस थे

यंहा नियोजन के पश्चात् आज तक कही दुसरी जगह तबादला नहीं हुई जिसकी सूची निम्न है:-

तो आपसे नम्र निवेदन है कि हमारी संसय पे सीग्रह ध्यान दे !! धन्यवाद्

#### दूसरी बात रही प्रह्या केंन्द्रो और आधार पंजिकरण केन्द्रो की चैंन पुर और डुमरी प्रखण्ड के अंन्तगर्त आने वाले सारे केंद्र अवैध वसुली कर रहे है !

This adoption of demonetization has carried out with any eye in norther condition elections as a last vacation resort to outlive the ruling federal government. What has produced the government to accomplish the demonetization after the election? The government has taken an excellent selection but not in suitable time. Instead, the government would have printed the new currency sufficiently reaches to the masses then would have demonetization would be more practical and problem absolutely free.

Reply Satheesh December eleven, 2016 at two:forty one pm Specifically. That is a war. To answer questions on ‘why us leaving ambanis and so forth’ -> In the war, the first attack is made about the foot soldiers, accompanied by diverse levels till they reach the ministers and kings. A single are not able to right get rid of the king. However, it’s not that only the king has to be attacked. Every soldier supporting the king need to be annihilated. There is no level killing the King by itself leaving all Many others intact, for this will likely pave way for a different king (Otherwise Ambani, some one particular else). Corruption can be a properly organised hierarchy that starts off from lower amount goes many of the technique to Ministers and perfectly orchestrated by Business enterprise Goons.

I really feel, that the work out is just not that an easy task to flush out about 60-extended -year “sedimented filth” at a person go. “Rome just isn't in-built sooner or later” It’s a perennial workout which have to be authorized to function in long run…..

An additional good thing about demonetization is Naxal funding has minimized. Naxalites used to extort dollars from individuals and utilized that cash to illegally operate their syndicate and execute violence. They could be remaining check here with income that happens to be unlawful now. Obviously, they need to not have experienced bank accounts to deposit their profit the procedure. Considerably less funds to this kind of inside terrorists usually means not only monetary profit but in addition it will help in retaining peace and amity.

Why are we endorsing anything which isn't even present. Demonetization was done only to cover MODI Failure as absolutely nothing was performed because past 2.5 years following profitable crystal clear the greater part.

me giridih ki rahne wali hu mera ghar rajendra nagar ke mohle me padta he me puri tarah se jakhmi ho gyi hu

4) ancient aliens The new notes are quite slim comparing old notes, i.e., its lifestyle is incredibly a lot less (Highest ten years) although the notes are saved in locker there is no use. So keeping of Big notes isn't good idea for black Entrepreneurs.

Reply indian fool October thirteen, 2017 at five:33 pm Prof. Verma, there may well many theoretical constructs to aid demonetization and GST implementation methods of the current government, but The present scenario in India is quite disappointing and it is in fact worse than what it absolutely was. Persons are getting caught with crores worth of illegally collected dollars (in new notes) but there absolutely no info on how they may amass this prosperity. RBI claims that 99% with the cash is now during the banking technique, how has it benefited.

Rahul kumar singh May three, 2017 at 4:09 pm

Its just transpired that corruption is now legalized, now the corruption is in the form of multi-amount GST, unjustified tax notices, and various govt sanctioned taxes.

As with the black funds handlers and non-tax payers. Build new courts exactly where justice is served swiftly. Send out them to jail for life and get all their dollars absent.

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